Friday, 25 September 2009

Beauty lies in the ear of the beholder

Music is tetchy territory for most people. There is so much snobbery involved leading many to hide their true tastes and opinions. We have all been there; you meet someone you want to impress, you gauge as well as you can, based on what their wearing, what kind of music they like and you tell a few white lies in the hope that you "get in there".
I ask myself, after lying through my teeth about my true musical heroes, what's so bad about being honest, sticking to your guns and admitting you like Paramore to someone who clearly thinks they're crap? Seriously?
With my new found desire to be honest in my opinions of what I think to be brilliant music, I am going to shamelessly plug a few of my favourite musicians.

QN5. This is a record label bursting at the seams with musical and artistic ability. Founded by rapper and producer, Tonedeff who currently holds the record for fastest rapper in the world, this label will change the way you listen to and perceive rap and hip-hop music. It's great to see so much heart in rap. For the first time, in my experience, rap becomes more than abuse and with musical samples taken from classical tracks and layered, soulful vocals, QN5 make rap something other than just being about the bling and the bitches. CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial, Mr. SOS and Kokayi complete the crew and you'll need to prepare yourself for the musical treasures you'll uncover by hitting their site.

Blood Red Shoes. The Brighton duo deliver punchy, pop-punk for all to delight in. Laura-Mary effortlessly conveys real emotion and from her shrill screams of "I! CAN'T! CONCENTRATE! ON! ANYTHING! AT! ALL!" in "ADHD" to her forgiving and supportive vocals in "Hope You're Holding Up", she embodies all of the emotions gone through by every woman. As for the irritatingly talented Steven, his drumming on this album is first class not to mention his impassioned lyrics. The song "Say Something, Say Anything" is beautifully written and one of several gems on their debut, "Box Of Secrets".

Laura Marling. For those of you that haven't heard of this girl, get down to your local music store and get acquainted with the dulcet tones of Laura Marling. Lay down and lose yourself listening to her voice and you'll find her lyrics are as if she's singing just for you, beautifully articulating the words you'd wish you'd found first. Produced by Charlie Fink (frontman of Noah and the Whale), it's only a matter of time before this girl gets propelled into the limelight.

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